Our 4 Focus Areas


United Way advances health and wellness by improving health care accessibility for individuals of all ages.


United Way ensures every child gets a strong start in life and has the opportunity to become a contributing member of society.


United Way helps stabilize families through programs that reduce poverty, improve job opportunities and develop life skills.


United Way ensures every member of our community has the essentials that every human needs like water, shelter, food, and safety.

The United Way of Central Virginia's mission is to mobilize the compassionate power of our community to improve the quality of lives in Central Virginia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of life for our neighbors in need by identifying the region’s critical needs and deploying resources to achieve positive, sustainable community change. We accomplish this by directing our efforts toward four critical needs categories: Health, Education, Income & Basic Human Needs. Collectively, we are moving the residents of Central Virginia to self-sufficiency.

Health Care

Reducing barriers to Health Care, such as Medical, Mental, Dental, and Prenatal Care.

Education Support

Improving school readiness, summer learning loss, literacy rates, and help provide role models. Developing higher graduation rates, lowering dropouts and providing support for young adults entering the workforce.

Financial Support

Lowering poverty and unemployment rates while increasing job readiness.

Basic Human Needs

Assistance with substance abuse, broken families, abuse, and other crises. Giving support to those who are food insecure, need clothing, safety, and shelter.

Each year, the programs UWCV funds through its partner agencies touch the lives of over 60,000 people in Central Virginia: Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Campbell and Lynchburg.
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United Way in Action

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We believe in the vision of a thriving community where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full, human potential and attain self-sufficiency.

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