Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to improve the quality of life in Central Virginia by partnering with area not-for-profits that address challenges related to four major categories:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Income
  • Basic Human Needs

Our administrative and fundraising costs represent approximately 13.8 percent of funds raised. However, thanks to the generosity of our Corporate Keystone Partners who have agreed to fund these expenses, your 100 percent of donations to our General Fund will be used to support the programs and services of our partner agencies.

The General Fund is the most powerful way to invest your contribution and influence the condition of all. How? Your investment is combined with the investments of other generous individuals and companies to support the best package of human service programs available in the region. Experienced volunteers work together to understand the most pressing needs in the community and invest in the best programs to solve those issues. Every program funded through the General Fund is monitored, evaluated and measured for effectiveness. This way, United Way of Central Virginia can validate that your investment gets results and makes a difference.  This really is the best way to give!

Dollars raised through the annual campaign stay in Central Virginia – the counties of Appomattox, Amherst, Bedford, Campbell, and the city of Lynchburg. The only funds that leave our community are dollars that donors have specifically designated to other United Ways or to agencies in other communities.  Additionally, one penny per dollar raised is paid to the United Way Worldwide (UWW) as dues for staff and volunteer training, research assistance and national advertising.

With the increased number of programs trying to address the needs of our community, it can be very confusing to decide where to give your donation.  At United Way of Central  Virginia more than approximately 100 experienced volunteers ensure that your dollars are invested in quality programs and innovative initiatives that get results.  These dedicated volunteers continually monitor and evaluate each funded program for effectiveness and measure the results achieved. 

By giving your donation to the United Way of Central Virginia’s General Fund we can validate that your investment goes directly to the programs that are making a difference in our community.  When you make a donation directly to an agency, the agency can choose to use those funds in any way.  United Way does not evaluate or monitor funds that are designated directly to an agency.  Giving to the General Fund really is the best way to give!

No.  No funds from the annual campaign support abortion services.  These services are not performed by any of United Way of Central Virginia’s partner agencies.